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Hello and welcome to BigB Grillz Jewelry Company. BigB Grillz Jewelry company was originated and Austin Texas which is where we are currently based. We provide an array of services ranging from Jewelry Repair, Ring Resizing, professional cleaning and polishing.
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Our quality and craftsmanship is our bread and butter and we make it our number one priority to fabricate beautiful and unique grillz for our clients.


Being the greatest Grill manufacturer here in ATX we take pride in our real custom gold grillz. Every grill is designed to the clients liking and are made to fit exactly as needed.


We give our clients important information for upkeep. All grillz orders come with a safety case and polish rag. All of our grillz are solid Gold or solid sterling silver.

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We Make Custom
Name Chains!

Find your ideal chain today! We’ll customize it with your desired name or initial. Book a consultation!

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We also offer numerous pieces of jewelry ranging from earring, necklaces, rings, chains and pendants. Last but not least we also fabricate our own customized pieces specifically Grillz.
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Our General Price Guide

Gold prices:
925- $30 per tooth
Fine- $40 per tooth
10k – $85 per tooth
14k – $100 per tooth
18k – $150 per tooth
Diamonds: Pricing available upon request

Enamel or paint- $25 per tooth
3d letters- $3 per letter
$20 molding kit